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SmoothyEME18 from Nottinghamshire,United Kingdom
SmoothyEME18 from Nottinghamshire,United Kingdom
Nickname: SmoothyEME18
Country:United Kingdom
Hair color:Dark
Eye color:Brown
Weight:69 Kg / 10 stone 12

person_pin Description

The first thing that you should learn about me is that I have a high sex drive. I'm a top and I don't get tired thrusting as long I'm really into the guy I'm hooking up with. I'm officially over being with men who are ripped that's why I'm looking for someone who has some love handles or a dad bod.


  • Mature sex
  • Lingerie
  • Costume Sex
  • Outdoor sex
  • Anal sex
  • Light Bondage
  • Submissive sex